Somewhere Between Heaven & Xanax – Review

Somewhere Between Heaven & Xanax

by Joe Hacking

New Boston-based indie-pop label, Cassiel Records, has released a compilation of the bands they have onboard. It starts off with Incinerators‘ “Lamp Shade,” an upbeat, peppy tune with an elven female vocalist. Pie puts forth “LP,” a moody little creation which drifts along like a puffy, white cloud only to suddenly discharge a bolt of lightning at the end. Tipili‘s “I Won’t Wait” is just plain weak. Piewackit does “Tattoo,” with Mary Kate O’Neil overdosing on vocals. Bright‘s “Halberd 11” contains some nicely noisy guitars, crashy drums and no lyrics. Prickly come off sounding like the Sundays without the British accents on “The Lonely Passion of Joey Heatherton.” Austin, TX’s Surf Ditty has psychedelic keyboards and gentle guitar that make for a very relaxing, transcendent outing. “Vegetable King,” by Turkish Delight, contains haunting, femme vocals, but just rambles on. “Rotten Core,” State Champs‘ entry, didn’t entice me with its basic, plodding sound.

All of these bands, except Bright, are releasing 7″ versions of these songs. There’s gold on this here compilation, and it is hoped, by this reviewer, that at least a few of these bands (especially Incinerator) release some full-length offerings. May Cassiel Records prosper in our transient little city!