Liquid Pistachio – at Bill’s Bar – Review

Liquid Pistachio

at Bill’s Bar
by Kerry Joyce

The Red Sox game had just ended, so it was parking space heaven if you didn’t mind almost rolling over a blind guy every few yards. There was a good-sized crowd for a Wednesday; maybe the game helped. Maybe this North Shore band just had good luck for their first-ever Boston show.

In their press release, Liquid Pistachio are describe as “a heavy band with more emphasis on melodies, and harmonies.” The description fits their recorded work, but their live show had a hard, driving bass, and showcased the conga playing of percussionist Jorg’e Acevedo, while it’s the lead guitar of Richard Lymon that, on the tape, really shines through.

Hey, but this is live stuff, and as any televangelist or club owner will tell you, the devil is in the beat. Liquid Pistachio rose to the occasion. I wasn’t exactly psyched at first to hear a cover of “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” as an opening song. But I guess I’m not as bored with covers as I let on, because I have to admit, it grabbed me. Their colorful, other-worldly theatrical staging by a local artist, Justin Humphrey, helped set the zany, up-beat, hard tempo mood, which Liquid Pistachio maintained throughout. Major League babe-age too.