Pet UFO – at The Rat – Review


at The Rat
by Scott Hefflon

Seems the only people in town hip to this amazing band are a few notables from other bands and fellow underground press prowlers. I had to outrank a slew of writers to get into the show, and once there, I found myself rounding the number to an even dozen. Whatta waste. The band kept a good head about the small crowd and rocked out a loud, tight, passionate set.

With albums simultaneously released on Double Deuce and Burnt Sienna, Pet UFO have a cartload of strong material, but just haven’t gotten mass public approval yet . True to their releases, these guys and gal don’t know how not to pump out short, quick indie punk, crackling with hurt and torment. They had some of the chunkiest bass and most ripping distorted guitar sounds I’ve heard out of the Rat in a good long time. The drummer seemed to be of the “more is more” philosophy – he hit everything within reach. A lot. And hard. Singer Souci Broskowitz, undoubtedly a woman-in-rock to keep an eye on, is totally the shit. She’s vicious. She’s victim. She’s hurt, but she ain’t gonna whine for your sympathy. She’s gonna blast you with attitude and let you know exactly how she feels until you grovel for being the insensitive male fuck you are. She’s a powerhouse.