Righteous Jams – Rage of Discipline – Review

righteousjams200Righteous Jams

Rage of Discipline (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Classic Boston hardcore, for better or worse. Most of the guys in the band are old school, and have been in a number of decent bands, and other, uh, “groups of angry young men.” Produced with a mean bass sound by the guy who did Sick of it All and Madball. I grew up on the bands these guys did, so I know where they’re coming from, I just have no use for more of it. Straight-edge hardcore is proud, insulated, and intentionally limited. No drugs, no innovation, just pounding chords and slampits. In some ways, it’s good that this spirit is kept alive, in other ways, all classic hardcore bands feel like ’80s hardcore tribute bands. But, hell, at least they play the clubs and the kids can scissorkick and slam into each other and let it out like we did when we were that age.