SpiritWorld – Moonlit Torture – Music Stream


“Moonlit Torture” (feat. Dwid Hellion – Integrity)
Century Media Records
Release date: 8/9/2022
By Scott Hefflon

This song has it all: Slayer-esque evil half-steps (and whammy solo shenanigans), hardcore group choruses, impressive death metal roar, melodic hardcore verses (you want to sing whoa-whoa, but in a really metal way), galloping thrash, squawking harmonics, scowling breakdowns, and there’re even some spoken samples and delay-delay-delay, just to show Ministry how it’s done in 2022. At 4:30, it’s a bit long, even as diverse as it is, but “Moonlit Torture” is one of many SpiritWorld tunes to be played repeatedly.