Four Rooms – Review

Four Rooms

with Tim Roth, Madonna, Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas
Written and directed by Alexandre Rockwell, Allison Anders, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez
by Mark Phinney

Set in a hotel on New Year’s Eve, the film follows a bellhop named Ted (played by Tim Roth, one of the only redeeming factors here) as he caters to a group of unusual guests. Tarantino takes things a step too far by starring himself in his own segment. Cameos, fine. But a lead?

The only room worth entering is Rodriguez’ where sexy Spaniard, Antonio Banderas, leaves Ted in charge of his hyperactive demon children. Banderas as the moustached gangster is funny as hell, and Roth’s reactions are dead-on. But even Roth wanes on you eventually. I wish I could rave about Four Rooms and give it ten stars, but the truth is, I just can’t. Sorry, kids. Maybe I’m growing up.