Don Fleming – Because Tomorrow Never Comes – Review

Don Fleming

Because Tomorrow Never Comes (Caroline)
by Clarendon Lavorich

This stuff really burns my butt. Don Fleming takes ideas from other people, without giving them credit, and doesn’t pull it off nearly as well. On his album, Because Tomorrow Never Comes (Caroline), he tries the one-man-band thing, a la Fripp and Miller, giving only a slight nod to them with his christening of “Donaldtronics” (hrmph). His bio doesn’t mention a thing about the innovators of the electronic or 16-second loop style of performing, but rather, implies that he made it up himself. His methods are puerile, simply laying down backing tracks rather than setting up intricate, interlocking grooves, and his final movement, “Superman vs. Flounder,” is such a poor Hawkwind rip-off, both Nik Turner and Lemmy should bludgeon him on the head mercilessly with his own theremin.