Delerium – Karma – Review

November 1, 1998

Delerium are the guys from Front Line Assembly, Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb +Sarah McLachlan, Lisa Gerrard. Kristy Thirsk, and Jaqui Hunt.

Hedingarna – Hippjokk – Review

November 1, 1997

Soulful vibes that you can dance along to. It’s a heavy cross between the old world and the new school. All those interested in juxtapositions, check this out.

Own – Agenda Item 1 – Review

October 1, 1997

Cello, violin, drums. And voice. Rasputina? No, much more rock. Almost… Prog rock. But not so high falutin’. Only three people, but a really big sound.

Hotel X – Routes Music – Review

July 1, 1997

The off-kilter jazz with solid backbeat directly recalls Universal Congress Of’s melodic sensibilities. Better yet, Greg Ginn doesn’t make an appearance.

Les Baxter – Que Mango! – Review

December 1, 1996

His last non-soundtrack album, he was set to completely weird out the orchestra. Not an easy task, considering that it’s 101 Strings once again.

Pimple – Review

November 1, 1996

And so Dyonne Warwyck’s torrid love affair came to a bitter end… but then, she’d known all along that it would.”

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