Angry Thoreauan – #17 – Review

October 1, 1996

From the cover, Angry Thoreauan sets itself high among the sarcastic and satirical periodicals available today. The cover is a parody of Highlights magazine.

Harriet the Spy – Review

September 1, 1996

The music starts with superficial hip-hop (the kind found only in dentist’s offices), but luckily progresses into a great exotica sound.

Science Geek – #3 – Review

September 1, 1996

The ‘zine for people who dig the educational circuit. Comics, freak lists, love letters, telegrams, mispronounced words… A ‘zine for the perpetually curious.

TASM Lab – Thing And Nothing – Review

August 1, 1996

Jeff Till conceived Thing and Nothing “An Insanity Play in Four Parts and A Prologue” in the traditions of Zappa (musically) and William Gibson (conceptually).

Entropy Press – Review

August 1, 1996

“The Mental Episode,” is a large poster collage filled with quotes, rants, random music musings, and essays on the nature of the mind.

Super 5 Thor – Ford – Review

June 1, 1996

Taking a cue from Spiritualized and VU, they drift gently through a musical wonderland, not quite Valium rock, and not stoner music, but… calm.

Autechre – Tri Repetae – Review

June 1, 1996

Somewhere between techno, industrial, and dub is Autechre. Call them a heavier Kraftwerk, call them digitized Coil, you’ll be wrong. Call them original…

Second Nature – Review

May 1, 1996

Exceptionally deep grooves and a layered complexity matched with utter simplicity make this trance/ambient disc a wonder to listen to.

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