Dio – Angry Machines – Review

June 15, 1996

Despite tackling such topic as isolation, divorce, paranoia, and insanity, Dio still sounds like he’s singing “Look out! The sky is falling down!”

Ultra Lounge – Review

June 1, 1996

We wind down, slip off our shoes, and loosen our ties with Howard Roberts’ “Girl Talk,” and Julie London gets us ready for bed with her very sexy “Go Slow.”

School House Rock Rocks – Review

June 1, 1996

They gloss over the spoken parts in favor of the melody. But the spoken parts gave the songs their character, and a lot of these bands don’t have any.

Natural Born Techno 3 – Review

June 1, 1996

Natural Born Techno 3 is an example of what non-punter think of when s/he hears the word “techno,” i.e. press a button and let the machine do its thang.

Ramona Silver – at CBGBs – Review

June 1, 1996

The energy coming off stage was intense for an early show. Her non-image quality combined with a girlish appearance made for an emphatic visual experience.

Industrial Fucking Strength – Review

June 1, 1996

Distorted kick-drums, hyper-charged breakbeats, aggressive samples and mega-fast tempos, it’s comparable to speed metal in its intensity, rage, and aggression.

A Passion of Covers – Review

June 1, 1996

I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for like-minded gloom-mongers to pay homage to the Godfathers of Goth with a tribute album, but it’s here.

V.3 – Photograph Burns – Review

June 1, 1996

Liberal splashes of china white on art metal walls bleeding south into the singed edges of amber waves over fuzzy fields hiding silos and secret laboratories.

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