Ramona Silver – at CBGBs – Review

Ramona Silver

at CBGBs
by Tor Hyams

Ramona Silver shook the half-filled room at CBGB’s in New York City. It was a last minute gig; an inspired road trip from her Boston Headquarters that would mark her debut at this legendary New York venue. The energy coming off stage was unusually intense for an early show. Her non-image quality combined with a girlish appearance made for an emphatic visual experience. Musically, Silver’s performance was backed aggressively by Boston-based trio Hezze. Creating a unique wave of hard-hitting alternative rock, Silver has that great performer quality – possessing an emotional vocal style that emphasizes the song. Yes, there are lyrics, a melody and harmonies and that’s… okay. At the same time, the listener is treated to a raw, in-your-face guitar-oriented accompaniment accentuating the groove. The sarcastic yet truthful pinings of a mature, been-through-it musician allows us all some breathing room from the now mundane, angst-filled Cobain types. Silver is deep, but not depressed. Although she sings “It don’t mean a thing without an attitude,” she remains free from the facade of trying to be somebody; Silver is cool because cool never crossed her mind. Ramona Silver’s debut, You & Me & Hell (Fingerprint), is a welcome relief from the banal alternative dribble that is released daily by the major label conglomerate. Sorry, no nice neat little packages. This album makes exception to the stigma of girl and guitar, and represents Silver’s reality: an exploration into medicine men, hell, and yes, even tailpipes.