Delirium – #3 – Review


#3 $4.00 (779 Riverside Dr. #A-11, NY, NY 10032)
by Angela Dauthi

Check this out: Interviews with Marilyn Manson, Peter Murphy, Type O Negative, Rozz Williams, Tony Lestat, The Swans, Rosetta Stone, and I haven’t even started yet! Tucked in between all of these interviews are informative tidbits on the myth of Medusa and the Festival of Lammas. Anne Rice’s defense of the movie Interview With theVampire is partially reprinted, as well as a review of a Vincent Price film festival. What’s more, there is a feature on the Count Dracula Fan Club/Museum, and the Vampyr Theatre. If you can’t tell, there’s a heavy focus on vampires and their ilk, as well as music reviews ranging from Anton LaVey, to Lush, to Painkiller. Also included is the ubiquitous Gothic poetry (with lines like “Look into my eyes/Poor, poor, human,” and “I gorge, a hunger I can never fully quench/ The CRIMSON delights my veins…”). It’s thick, it’s well written, and, well, I have a feeling that if you don’t buy it, you should invest in garlic and crosses instead.