Banana Split Infinitives – “Chakra Suck” / “Butterfield 8” – Review

Banana Split Infinitives

“Chakra Suck” / “Butterfield 8” (Kweef)
by Nik Rainey

The a-side takes a typical approach to their burst-bladder grindcore dirge-pop – Spectoresque production, fuzzed-out Mellotron, and vocalist Byrne Skarr gargling with sulfuric acid and regurgitating blood and vital organs all over Donovan’s brocade coat. The flip offers more of the same, albeit with a crisper sound that allows the percussive samples (recorded live in a TB ward) to be heard much more clearly. Watch for their forthcoming Remixes EP (with mixes by Moby, the Scottsboro Boys, Elijah Howe, and technEuro-whiz Kjziildrfrt) very soon.