Napalm Death – Inside the Torn Apart – Review

Napalm Death

Inside the Torn Apart (Earache)
by Dave Bone

It’s funny to think that everyone who bought the Mortal Kombat soundtrack (1.5 million people, to be exact) for the techno theme song had to listen to Napalm Death at least once. Whether they liked it or not, they never forgot it. Inside Torn Apart is the most memorable Napalm record in a long time. This should’ve been the followup to Harmony Corruption. It bridges the gap between the lightspeed grind of Napalm’s good ol’ days and the overused hip hop hardcore of Fear, Emptiness, Despair and Diatribes. That’s not to say that those qualities are non-existent, they’re just a side dish to the real beef. The injection of heavier riffs, minor dischord and more mouth-foaming aggression than Napalm’s let loose for awhile might be a response to the fans scathing letters or a guilty conscience. “Birth in Regress,” “If Symptoms Persist,” and especially “Low Point” pummel the listener with throbbing rhythms that both threaten and seduce. Infection rips through the album, demanding multiple listens until total submission is achieved. Give them your money.