The VSS – Nervous Circuits – Review


Nervous Circuits (Honey Bean)
by Jon Sarre

These blurry noise-meisters mouth some okay, but not too earth-shattering indie rock “influences” (Drive Like Jehu, Steel Pole Bathtub) and even throw a coupla curve balls (Black Flag –In My Head era, I’m thinkin’, and King Crimson – sure, whatever), so their power dirges are supposed to mean more than the muted guitar grind, electro-doodlin’ and tom-beat presented here. Most of this disc reminds me of a long walk up a longer spiral staircase, a frustratin’ experience I only have in annoying reoccurring dreams. Some moments, usually when everyone sets their collective minds and medications on gettin’ to a point rather than meandering past one, the singer rants for a while like an American John Lydon (check out “What Kind of Ticks” and “Chemical in Chemistry”). That’s when hirin’ the guy who produced a Fluid album doesn’t seem like a waste of money.