Snot – Get Some – Review


Get Some (Geffen)
by Dave Bone

With a band named after the slang term for nasal ectoplasm, you can expect some old fashioned juvenile delinquent tomfoolery. Snot rockets out of Santa Barbara, known for its high population of smelly, old people, and kicks out the jams in the tradition of such nouveau metal acts as Rage Against the Machine and Korn. These five hoodlums show the two cheeks of Snot: comedy and tragedy. For instance, the mournful title track slides into slinky rhythms of personal loss while the song “Joyride” is basically about playing bumper cars on the freeway and sounds like it, too. If you’re not reading along with the lyric sheet, you really can’t tell what the hell’s being said and it just sounds like a hardcore party album. There’s the mellow funk for the stoners and the supercharged, fuck-’em-up-fast ones for the drinkers. If Snot hasn’t greased your town with their presence, or your ears with Snot essence, then things had best be changing.