Am I Blood – Agitation – Review

Am I Blood

Agitation (Nuclear Blast)
by Scott Hefflon

Someone listened to a lot of early Testament and Metallica and took their teachings to heart. That is by no means a slag, it’s just a reference point. Am I Blood (formerly known as St. Mucus, as if that means anything to most of us), are relative newcomers to American ears, having made somewhat of a name for themselves in Finland and various metal-speaking parts of Europe, but with a pure metal release graced with producer Daniel Bergstrand’s magic touch, this is a record that’ll be added to many a collection before the band ever touches American soil. Personally, I think the best moments are at the beginning, before the interesting themes are repeated so many times they become tiresome, or perhaps there is simply a point where you can’t distort things anymore because it becomes a continuous wash, no matter how many start/stop segments and time changes you throw in.
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