Suffocation – Despise the Sun – Review


Despise the Sun (Vulture)
by Scott Hefflon

Five songs, 15 minutes, fuckin’ roar. With a three-song demo (’90), and four albums – Human Waste on Nuclear Blast/Relapse (’91), and Effigy of the Forgotten (’91), Breeding the Spawn (’93), and Pierced from Within (’95) on Roadrunner – it’s rather surprising that Suffocation is still “churning out” (five songs in three years isn’t exactly setting any records for productivity) rather dated, sloppy death/thrash. Low, but rather distinctive demon growls with speedmetal riffs and beats from the heyday of the late ’80s that, while nicely complex, often trip over themselves. If this were a new group, I’d recommend they practice more until they got tighter, but seeing as Suffocation has been dragging their carcasses on “extensive tours,” I guess I’d have to recommend the guys listen to each other and try to stay in time. (And, um, noticing that this style is now widely considered a foundation upon which to build and grow might be nice too.)
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