Crimson Midwinter – Random Chaos – Review

Crimson Midwinter

Random Chaos (Black Mark)
by Martin Popoff

Extremely thorny, prickly and crisp black metal with brilliant execution, but vocals that are mixed far back. All the better to hear this knock ’em dead drummer, Atte Makela driving his rhythms with perfect cymbal-crashed mania until the billowing smoke of the gods is at hand. Most effective on mid-pace crunchers like “The Burden Of Mortality” and “Like Pearls Before Swine” (although “Bloodmetalfist” wins the title war!). Just another fine black metal spread that will get little attention (this increasing amount of deadly product is becoming problematic indeed: How do you differentiate when everything is an 8 and up?).
(120 W. 44th St. #603, New York, NY 10036)