Integrity 2000 – Review

Integrity 2000

by Tim Den

Twisted Dwid is prepared for the millennium. He’s got his “new” band, Integrity 2000, and he will crush all other metal bands on earth when Y2K kicks in. No, that’s not a bluff. Just listen to “Never Never” and you’ll be convinced that not even Incantation will be able to hold up against these guys. Notorious for his wicked ideology and knack for electronic noise, Dwid has created a monster that embodies all the evil he loves. He made sure this monster was the heaviest thing under the sun. I’m bleeding through my ears and rectum as I listen to it. I bet that’s the way Dwid likes it. Whereas the old Integrity only had a painfully-true (and brilliant) album title (Humanity is the Devil), Integrity 2000 seems to be learning the art of metal: writing good songs. Let’s hope this keeps up.
(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)