Riddle of Steel – 1985 – Review

July 1, 2008

Classic rock licks, cowbell aplenty, and hip-swaggering four-on-the-floor beats. There’s no denying that 1985 is more “rock” than “math rock.”

Aeon – Rise to Dominate – Review

December 14, 2007

Aeon borrow the eerie intervals and dirges of Morbid Angel, Legion-era Deicide’s rhythmic mastery, and new Cannibal Corpse’s penchant for quick tempo changes.

Matt Pond PA – Last Light – Review

October 19, 2007

Several Arrows Later hinted they were wishing they were more rockin’, here they sound like they’re trying too hard, and at the expense of the melodies.

Gorefest – Rise to Ruin – Review

October 19, 2007

Pretty much La Muerte Part Two, meaning that it’s classic Gorefest: Simple but punishing riffs, varying tempos, political lyrics, and bad-ass breakdowns.

Botch – American Nervoso – Review

October 19, 2007

Botch almost single-handedly carved a new path for metalcore. Instead of testosterone-fueled rage, they had genuine passion and a great sense of humor.

Magnet – The Simple Life – Review

October 12, 2007

After venturing into folktronica territory with The Tourniquet, Magnet (Norwegian producer/songwriter Even Johanssen) has returned to a rootsier, organic sound.

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