NOFX – They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live! – Review


They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live! (Fat Wreck)
by Tim Den

Who doesn’t know what to expect from a live NOFX show by now? If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the band’s omnipresent influence over the punk scene over the last 15 years, you’ve at least semi-heard of their M.O.: Never take anything too seriously, even when your latest records have been laced with political leftism. So, basically, They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live! is exactly what you would imagine it to be: Almost as much in-between banter as music, irreverent humor, not to mention meticulously written and executed pop punk that time and again proves why these guys are forever at the top of the hierarchy. And being fans themselves, they’ve done the record-buying public a favor by cramming this, their second live album, full of b-sides, rearranged oldies, and absolutely no repeats from its predecessor (’95’s I Heard They Suck Live). Shit, the studio version of “I Wanna Be an Alcoholic” has never even been released! There’s definitely enough goods here to satiate even the biggest of NOFX fans, not to mention young high school punx who want their circle pits intertwined with stories of nudity and drugs. So crank it up, down that whiskey, and prepare to rock (and laugh!).