Orange 9mm – Pretend I’m Human – Review

Orange 9mm

Pretend I’m Human (Ng)
by Tim Den

If Orange 9mm‘s previous two efforts (Tragic and the Ultraman vs. Godzilla EP) didn’t completely alienate their old fans, Pretend I’m Human will. Obliterating any remnants of the old O9, this new full-length has the band continuing to shed their hardcore roots and taking on electronic ones. Whereas Tragic sounded like Nine Inch Nails, Pretend I’m Human sounds like Portishead-meets-ambient dub and sometimes trip-hop/jungle. Not a bad combo, in reality, but one that will piss the crap out of individuals who were won over by the band’s Revelation debut EP. But seeing as there’s only one original member left in the band, you really can’t blame them for changing their style. Especially since this new style isn’t all that bad. Trance-like beats and sublime melodies afloat, Pretend I’m Human is a relaxing record that’s much more pleasing to the ears than whatever the hell their older fans listen to. So stop your bitching and try this one on for size (PS: If the gigantic “Touching Skies” doesn’t win you over, what good are you anyway?).
(61 Van Dam St. 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10013)