Die My Will – Piecemeal – Split – Review

Die My Will/Piecemeal

Split (Wonderdrug)
by Tim Den

Now this is more like it. These guys must’ve realized, “Hey, if we’re gonna keep beating the dead horse that is metalcore, why not at least fuck it up beyond recognition?” Piecemeal has the Deadguy/Incantation/Slayer thing down pretty well, and Die My Will isn’t too far behind with their Coalesce/semi-Cannibal Corpse grind. Man, they’ve even got distorted bass on some of the tracks! Now that’s quality grind. I could see these guys opening for Epidemic or Gorguts back in the day. But, you know, as good as these two bands are for metalcore, I think I’d still take old Napalm Death any day.
(PO Box 995 Boston, MA 02123)