In Extremo – Weckt Die Toten – Review

In Extremo

Weckt Die Toten (Metal Blade)
by Paul Lee

With every lyric in German and the music a fusion of medieval folk and metal, In Extremo are like an ancient version of Rammstein. Similar music may’ve been done, but until this septet came along, I don’t think the cross-pollination of styles has been played this well. Maybe a few black and Goth metal bands have attempted it, but In Extremo go the full distance, incorporating authentic medieval instruments with their metallic might. Some might listen and think this is Spinal Tap on acid (in goofy ancient costumes), but these Germans pour on the archaic influences in their weird and singular way, and they do it with conviction. At times, they remind me of when AC/DC used bagpipes in “It’s A Long Way To The Top.” In Extremo have created an entire album’s worth of great melding of the ancient and the modern. While all lyrics are printed in the CD booklet, it would’ve been nice to have a translation of the lyrics just to know what the hell’s going on. That aside, In Extremo provides a welcome change from the other over-saturated subgenera of metal out there. If this album does well, you can be sure that other medieval folk metal bands will start to come out of the woodwork.
(2828 Cochran St. #302 Simi Valley, CA 93065)