Rainer Maria – Atlantic – Review

Rainer Maria

Atlantic (Polyvinyl)
by Tim Den

There is no doubt that Rainer Maria, with the sad demise of Jejune, is the leader in the new “emo rock fronted by female” category. Forget the praises that showered their two full-lengths, Past Worn Searching and Look Now Look Again; a quick spin of this new EP’s three songs will be enough to convince even the most militant emo skeptic. Lush open guitars, “play-on-words” poetry/lyrics (“And if the sunlight breaks, we’ll fix it”), snug boy/girl harmonies, and a good ear for dynamics have never sounded so comfortable. So homey. So… good. It makes you feel all warm inside. This is a band that knows how to tug your heartstrings. Whether it’s a relationship desperately trying to be salvaged (“There Will Be No Tonight”) played in shoegazing rhythm, or the anxiety and uncertainty of leaving a familiar place (“Soul Singer”), rocking out with fuzzy guitars, Atlantic utilizes all the frequencies in making songs breathe. And breathe they do: in with the gentle breeziness one moment, out with some head-swayin’ beats the next. An EP that confirms the band’s place at the top of the female, emo rock world.