The Deadbeats – Review

The Deadbeats

(Fueled Up)
by Jon Sarre

Assuming they’re all from Sweden, the Deadbeats are slower and sludgier than Union 69 (and would still be if it was revealed they relocated there from the Republic of Chad). They’ve also got “A SERIOUS URGE TO ROCK.” Well, that’s what the bio says. Still, the lo-end bass makes my guts churn (or mebbe that was just lunch).

It’s big music, y’know, layered guitars poured on top of each other like metallic shellac, perhaps in keeping with various members pasts’ in Edge of Sanity and Ashes (which I’m guessin’ were metal outfits over there, cuz that’s where lotsa these hard rockin’ Nordics seemed to’ve honed their chops). Usually, everyone sings the chorus all together, not in harmony or anything, just at the same time. I’ve got a friend over at who might like this, especially since he makes fun of people like me “who listen to