The Ataris – Useless I.D. – Let it Burn – Review

The Ataris/ Useless I.D.

Let it Burn (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

If you haven’t realized The Ataris rule, you’re part of an ever-shrinking minority. These guys are taking off, and while we all hate to see the come-lately jerk-offs jump on the wagons we’ve built, fuck, it’s good to see a good band get some damn attention, right? Yeah, well, keep telling yerself that as The Ataris follow Blink 182 up to embarrassing levels of stardom and bands like Bad Religion and the Ramones are considered openers. Fuckin’ world… Let it Burn collects the 30-second track used on Fat’s Short Music for Short People, two alternate, previously unreleased short songs, a couple other unreleased full-length songs, their cover of Crüe’s “On with the Show” that appeared on the Mëtal Rüles comp, and a sloppy’n’sweet acoustic version of “San Dimas High School Football Rules.”

Israel’s Useless I.D. contribute the remaining 18 minutes, opening with their contribution to Short Music for Short People (are you getting the feeling that if you don’t have this comp, yer really kinda missing out on something?). While their production is a little thicker and muddier than I mighta hoped for, Useless I.D. proves pop punk is a universally spoken language. And these guys have what it takes in busloads.