Ancient Wisdom – And The Physical Shape of Light Bled – Review

Ancient Wisdom

…And The Physical Shape of Light Bled (Avantgarde)
by Paul Lee

Bewitched is a killer old-school black metal band that draws a lot of influence from Venom and other classic ’80s metal bands, but isn’t the most talented of bands. My expectations were low when I received this disc by Bewitched’s main man, Marcus Norman (aka Vargher). It’s great to be blown away when you least expect it, and such is the case with this blackened solo project, Ancient Wisdom. With similarities to Diabolical Masquerade (Bewitched alumni Blackheim’s awesome solo project), Ancient Wisdom is even more theatrical and “symphonic” with a liberal helping of piano and keyboards imitating string sections. Sure, it’s a typical tale of Lucifer’s fall from grace, but the music is so compelling and Norman lets such killer theatrical demons loose that you can ignore the subject matter and be enveloped by the evil magic.
(PO Box 19 I-20010 Vanzago (MI) ITALY)

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