Loose Lips – “Two Time Loser” – Review

Loose Lips

“Two Time Loser” / “Doll Face” (TKO)
by Jon Sarre

Side one ain’t the best I’ve heard from these Bay Area junk rock lifers, but s’alright, cuz they’re New York Dolls fans with the decency to not try and dress like ’em. Guitarist/voxist Shane White (ex-The Rip Offs, among others) is, in my book, a better songwriter than other guitar player, Justin Schenberg (who penned the A side), so White’s lazy Ramones gone dirge-speed (with hooks!) updated for a world where everything pre’n’post punk has been done to fuckin’ death (so mebbe it’s Phil Spector, too) win hands down. Yeah, the flip is just fine.
(4104 24th St #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)