Throes of Dawn – Binding of the Spirit – Review

Throes of Dawn

Binding of the Spirit (Wounded Love)
by Paul Lee

There has been a slew of great metal bands from Finland recently, including Thy Serpent, Babylon Whores, and Dolorian. Now we can add another killer band to the growing list, melodic black metal band Throes of Dawn. These Finns have been around since 1994, but only recently landed a contract with Wounded Love that’s given them the exposure they’ve needed. They play melodic and epic metal saturated with keyboards, seething guitars and sick, screeched black metal vocals. With plenty of Goth metal in their approach and sound, Throes of Dawn also weave in elements of bands like The Cure and Bauhaus to balance it out. Their blend of atmosphere and aggression is top-notch, making Binding of the Spirit one of the best metal albums I’ve heard this year.
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