Iron Savior – Dark Assault – Review

Iron Savior

Dark Assault (Noise)
by Vinnie Apicella

One of the most widely-respected and talented “side projects” in the ranks of metal, Iron Savior goes the distance yet again. Heeding the call the “Savior” returns to battle the forces and so on and so forth goes the prologue which introduces another fantastic and futuristic storyline. “Never Say Die” and “Seek and Destroy” offer immediate resistance and retaliatory strikes against any and all who doubt they’re capable of delivering the goods. Such consist prominently around the two integral figures that bonded together at the core of Iron Savior, they being vocalist Piet Sielck and one Kai Hansen, guitarist/vocalist for Gamma Ray.

“Solar Wings” follows the aforementioned opening tracks in a more moderately-tempered manner befitting a single – built around catchy guitar riffs and typically gargantuan chorus. “I’ve Been To Hell” rips it up once more with quick powerchord progressions reminiscent of former Noise battalions, Stratovarius. As always, production work is stellar in the hands of Sielck himself, as he’s somehow managed to retain the power and fury to maximize the intensity while keeping the output at listenable levels. Characteristic of Iron Savior and the many Euro-metal acts in recent years, the instrumentalism is far-reaching, lent with layers of atmosphere, emotion and an unbridled passion for harmonious conclusions. Yet for all their splendor, the music is not without its predictability and far-reaching filler. The Kai Hansen-sung “Made of Metal” and “Eye on the World” pick it up a notch, as does “Back Into the Light,” the other Hansen song. And to a lesser degree, “After the War” as well. But for all its soulful majesty, it seems to flatline during the chorus, somewhat of a dark twist that’s not resolved until their closing cover of the Priest classic, “Delivering the Goods.” This one storms forth in rousing fashion, further signaling that Iron Savior’s as capable as any – even if a bit formulaic and uninspired in spurts – and are worthy of universal acclaim.
(1453-A 14th St. #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)