Bring You to Your Knees – Review

October 4, 2004

Not one of these bands sounds remotely similar to G N’ R. Then again, who has since the day they swept themselves under their own rug of recklessness?

Vomitory – Blood Rapture – Review

August 16, 2004

For a decade and a half, this band discharged from the bowels of Venom, Death, and Deicide comes across in a sharp, swarming display of shred and skillfulness.

Kreator – Live Kreation – Review

September 24, 2003

Live Kreation barrels through their entire 10-album arsenal (and then some) on this 22-show, 24-track, Sneap-snipped, first-ever live CD.

Bif Naked – Purge – Review

June 13, 2003

12 tracks of vindication by a flighty yet grounded personality that doubles as the teenage tease and the teacher’s assistant.

The Forgotten – Control Me – Review

May 30, 2003

Linking early ’80s punk rock, recalling second-rate greats of the day – Business, Cocksparrer – and redirecting with today’s take-to-the-streets revival.

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