Bif Naked – Purge – Review

Bif Naked

Purge (Her Royal Majesty’s/Atlantic)
by Vinnie Apicella

Purge follows up Bif Naked‘s breakthrough album I Bificus. It’s a twelve-track work of vindication by a flighty yet grounded personality that doubles as the teenage tease and the teacher’s assistant. “Choking on the Truth” begins in strong fashion where edgy guitar fills mix with a catchy chorus. “Tango Shoes” is the hands-down pop hit with a New Wave vibe, Bif kicking up a fuss and, lucky for us, the enhanced CD features it as the one of two video clips.

“I Love Myself Today,” the second video track, introduces thick power chords reminiscent of Joan “I Hate Myself (for Loving You)” Jett. It’s got that anthemic appeal that’d make Rosie the Riveter roll ’em up again for one last run. “Leader,” three songs in, is the sibling rival to the previous, riding another rough riff progression which anywhere but on your Compaq Presario would be worth a speaker head or two waiting at the next red light. Bif Naked picks up where The Breeders or Veruca Salt leave off, blending heavy grooves with playful pop and quiet moments.
(825 Eighth Ave. 29th Fl. New York, NY 10019)