Bif Naked – Purge – Review

June 13, 2003

12 tracks of vindication by a flighty yet grounded personality that doubles as the teenage tease and the teacher’s assistant.

MTV Celebrity Deathmatch – Review

April 1, 2000

It has the good graces to throw in a bit of rock, metal, and Goth amidst the disposable hip-hopcore (or whatever), but it can’t save this dog.

Bif Naked – I Bificus – Review

September 1, 1999

The best elements of tough girl rock (think Pat Benetar, Patty Smythe, DiVinyls) with the muscle of Joan Jett and L7, yet infusing it with personal touch.

Bif Naked – Review

June 1, 1996

The lyrics never waver from no-offense-but-here’s-the-storytelling. And the songs dare non-commercialism just as they sing tunefully, catchy, and blunt.