Less Than Jake – Greased – Review

Less Than Jake

Greased (No Idea)
by Scott Hefflon

A reissue of a record that probably sounded like a good idea at some time but turned into a floater (as in a turd that keeps popping up no matter how many times ya flush). Eight songs from Grease blazed through with no passion or personality in 15 minutes. Eight songs you can barely sit through. Eight songs you’ll never want to hear again. 15 minutes you’ll want back from the band afterwards. A total and complete waste of time, money and materials (no effort was expended, so no loss there). Less than Jake should’ve known better. No Idea should’ve, ya know, had one: That this wasn’t worth doing. I’d say this should come with a sticker saying how much it sucks, but that’d make the empty jewel case worthless, and that’s all this thing has going for it.
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