Cavity – On the Lam – Review


On the Lam (Hydra Head)
by Paul Lee

Love that swampy Sabbath vibe these fellows perpetuate. Sure, we got enough of ’em doing it like Eyehategod and Crowbar, but these Floridians are great at fouling the air with their own metal stink. And the grooves that they unleash, oh, what miserable fun they are! Hell, if I were caught in a brutally humid Southern summer, I’d love to use Cavity as my soundtrack to the blistering, sweltering misery. On The Lam is nine songs, fifty-two minutes, of undulating, riff-wracking doomy fun that makes COC sound like Backstreet Boys. Hardly original, but Cavity have a slightly new take on the old-fashioned metal fun from the days of yore.
(PO Box 990248 Boston, MA 02199)