Zoar – In the Bloodlit Dark – Review


In the Bloodlit Dark (Middle Pillar)
by DJ Arcanus

In the Bloodlit Dark will make your skin crawl. The album is an exploration of horror, the grotesque, and dark fantasies. The opening landscape is dismal and lonely. Thunder rolls overhead and a horseman rides through the background. Frightened, you wander through a nightmarish world. An eerie piano melody moves you forward until a distorted guitar heralds the rider. The cello brings impeding doom closer until the piano and guitar are joined together. There is no escape as your screams pierce the air. Scared yet? “Nemo,” is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, but includes a wailing dirge that leads over the edge of insanity. If you hate insects, you’ll love “Ghosts and Molecules.” Imagine being chained so tightly that movement is nearly impossible. Then imagine hordes of your least favorite insects crawling over your naked body to make it their new home. They burrow deep into your delicate flesh as they feast and lay eggs to produce progeny who’ll continue the gruesome meal. “A System of Senses” has you strapped to a stretcher as you are wheeled into the operating room at the laboratory of human subjects. Drills, diagnostic machines, and a heart monitor can be heard in preparation for the experiments. The lights in the operating theatre are turned up. Maniacal laughter is heard from the audience. The percussion drives the doctors to operate faster. Screams fill the air from other unfortunate souls who share your fate. In the end, your heart monitor sounds fainter and fainter until you hear nothing at all. These and many more terrible soundtrack masterpieces are waiting to torment your senses.