Map – Eastern Skies, Western Eyes – Review


Eastern Skies, Western Eyes (Velvet Blue)
by Tim Den

The bio states: “We hope that Map will strike you as a breath of fresh air, far removed from the piles of emo, rapcore, and pop punk CDs you have to sift through.” Right fucking on! And what a breath it is. Map, a trio made up of half of Starflyer 59 (keyboardist Josh Dooli playing guitar and singing, plus drummer Joe Esquibel), write intricate dream-pop songs that scream summertime love… in a David Lynch kind of way. Sleepy in mood but intellectually aware (as evident from the layered guitar work), Map conjure up images of California at dusk; of The Mamas and The Papas on a really good mushroom trip. Think The Sea and Cake meets The Orange Peels meets Leave Here a Stranger-era Starflyer 59, and you’ll have Map. Wonderfully delicious.
(9121 Atlanta Ave. #237 Huntington Beach, CA 92646)