The Last Drop – Where Were You Living in a Year From Now? – Review

The Last Drop

Where Were You Living in a Year From Now? (TMC)
by Craig Regala

Hey, it’s a “stoner rock” ID’d thing but really this sorta thing is as it is: Guitar rock with legit rhythm section workin’ mid-tempos. So it’s not far off Bush or Silverchair really, a little “groovier”/”thuddier” and less premised on hitting a tune that sticks pop-wise. The kinda dreamy sixth cut, “Cheese, Wine and Discussion,” comes the closest to making that CDR you’re putting together for that certain someone who “wants to know what you’re into.” The title of said song being the prelude to the real action you’re intent on may (of course) be the intellecto-sophisto subliminal clue a slickster like you barfs up. Trust me: “They” are on to you. Just be straight and throw W.A.S.P.’s “Fuck Like a Beast,” DOA’s “Lets Fuck,” Ice T’s “L.G.B.N.A.F.” (Let’s Get Buck Naked And Fuck), the Dwarves’ “There Better be Women,” Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On,” etc., ad nauseum on the burn. Chicks (of both sexes and trangendered cuties) say they dig “honesty.” So be honest, put the Burning Witch record on. Anyone who can fuck to that’s a real ride, cowboy. In summation, ‘s ok, but not a genre or mind-bender.
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