Judith – Pills – Review


Pills (Neue Asthetik)
by Jamie Kiffel

Freefloating grit-pop meets sighing drugged despondency on Judith‘s new EP, aptly dubbed Pills. Lead singer Christopher David’s nicotine-stained voice commands lost-hope sensuality (the kind sung by skin-and-bones boys with bleach-blue eyes) and enough certainty to make up for lines like “Place the thought inside his head/point your finger, now he’s dead” (in reference to Jesus on the track “Save Me”). Notably, that last line is not delivered to the tune of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The production is smooth, the rough-fuzzed guitars are sexy. The lyrics are a work in progress. Perhaps tweaking the prescription could set things right.
(PO Box 174 Murray Hill Station New York, NY 10156)