The Passion of the Christ – Review

March 7, 2005

If you love violence and are curious about how many times Jesus can topple over, bleed profusely, and be savagely crushed under his cross, rent this.

The Dresden Dolls – Review

February 14, 2005

Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione twist out thick, sometimes jazzy, sometimes waltzing, syncopated and minor-key music, redolent of pantomime and German cabaret.

Rural Electric – Review

December 6, 2004

Calling itself fuzz-folk, Rural Electric uses megaphone-style distortion and minor-key harmonies to evoke a wistful place where we lean up against our memories.

Ad Frank – A Lotta Devotion – Review

August 9, 2004

Mix Blondie with John Mayer, hop on a bike and chew some gum. Funky with a heartbroken voice and ’80s hooks: Somewhere between folk, rock, and Talking Heads.

The Radio Hour – Review

March 22, 2004

With steady, heart-bearing emotion washing through the notes like a young Michael Stipe, Tim Hort has created the R.E.M. album we’ve all been wishing for since Out of Time.

Joint Custody – Anthropic – Review

March 15, 2004

With something of The Cardigans’ coming-of-age melancholy and vulnerably out-of-tune harmonies, it’s obvious why Joint Custody was a staple on the college festival circuit.

School of Rock – Review

February 2, 2004

I want to know what these kids will come up with when they have their own head-on collisions with teen angst, not just tribute angst for some outgrown rocker.

Campfire Girls – Review

December 10, 2003

Chicks love damaged goods, and apparently, so does Interscope. So the drug-recovered dudes got a second chance.

Jane Jensen – Burner – Review

December 10, 2003

With the hushed commands “relax..” and “come here….”, powder-voiced axegirl Jane Jensen rocks hard, a fetishy little doll whispering over grinding chords.

Judith – Pills – Review

November 26, 2003

The production is smooth, the rough-fuzzed guitars are sexy. The lyrics are a work in progress. Perhaps tweaking the prescription could set things right.

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