Bleeding Through – This is Love, This is Murderous – Review

Bleeding Through

This is Love, This is Murderous (Trustkill)
by Adrian Bromley

If there’s a band right now that deserves the buzz they are getting, Orange County’s Bleeding Through is that band. Think Swedish death metal mixed with metalcore, kind of like Swedish metal pioneers At the Gates meshed with brutal heavies Hatebreed. On This Is Love, This Is Murderous, Bleeding Through showcases a knack for assembling intriguingly heavy numbers with atmosphere and melody.

Lead screamer Brandan offers up some nice vocal patterns, kind of a nice change of pace for a genre that’s followed a “norm” for quite a few years when it comes to vocals. The band has been touring non-stop this year, and it looks like the buzz won’t be dying down any time soon.
(23 Farm Edge Lane Tinton Falls, NJ 07724)