City Sleeps – Not An Angel – Review

March 1, 2008

This is the kind of eyeliner rock I have trouble understanding. Haven’t the Goo Goo Dolls already been laughed at for over a decade for pussy rock like this?

Throwdown – Vendetta – Review

February 24, 2006

One of the best Pantera tribute bands you’re bound to hear. All the breakdowns, all the rampage, the wall of guitars, and the exact same vocal spitting.

Throwdown – Haymaker – Review

November 5, 2003

Throwdown are a bludgeoning, powerhouse machine of aggression that rolls with such speed and momentum that in the right environment, they’d be unstoppable.

Open Hand – The Dream – Review

July 2, 2003

Open Hand are one of Trustkill’s new signings, and while I don’t mind their blend of post-melodic hardcore, I don’t really see the deal with this band.

Eighteen Visions – Vanity – Review

January 3, 2003

While still containing some of the hardcore/noisecore elements of past works, Vanity sees the band bringing more melody and a rock’n’roll feel to the mix.