Walls of Jericho – The American Dream – Review

wallsofjericho200Walls of Jericho

The American Dream (Trustkill)
by Scott Hefflon

Five records deep for Trustkill, and while I’m not an avid fan, this is their best yet. Female singer who roars better than most men, an acoustic EP six months back, and a touring schedule that’d kill most bands. Walls of Jericho are a little straight-forward for my taste (hardcore metal, with breakdowns and group shouts: Completely at home on Trustkill, in other words), but they sure are brutal. They probably rule live, seeing as they’ve toured relentlessly for years, played on every metal tour worth mentioning, and their tunes are heavy, but simple enough to anticipate where to mosh and where to slam, and the band can stomp menacingly about the stage, locked in a simple breakdown, but one that gets the arms flailing.