Walls of Jericho – Redemption – Review

wallsofjericho200Walls of Jericho

Redemption (Trustkill)
by Scott Hefflon

Just a five-song EP, and a symphonic, acoustic one at that. I wouldn’t’ve given them or Trustkill the credit for doing so, but now that it’s trendy for metal bands to “broaden their horizons” by putting out passable acoustic albums, I guess I actually should’ve expected it from both. If you’ve never heard good dark acoustic metal, this is novel. Seeing as I’ve been in this shitty biz for over a decade and a half, I’ve heard better, cherished it, and made it a part of me. If you haven’t, well, accept this, enjoy it, and continue sifting through the “experiments” of great bands over the last couple decades and discover hidden gems the eyeliner crowd hasn’t the depth or patience to unearth and appreciate. Slipknot’s Cory Taylor produced and does a duet, and the cover of The Animal’s “House of the Rising Sun” is indicative of this album: It’s straight up and, while a novel choice, pretty mundane when you get down to it.