Extra Weird Sampler – Review

Extra Weird Sampler

with Boris Karloff
(Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment)
by John Bikowski

Image Entertainment has recently distributed a bunch of interesting tidbits for fans of exploitation and horror. A must-have is the Something Weird Video Extra Weird Sampler, which is a collection of trailers for some of the cheesiest films ever made. For less than the price of a blank DVD, you can get this priceless assortment of over 100 uncut and rare advertisements for some real doozies. You know you’re in for a real treat when the DVD case has the following stern disclaimer “Warning: This program contains monsters, nudity, gorillas, violence, and wrestlers!”

This program also features loads of naked ’60s chicks and plenty of gore surrounded by hilarious voice-overs. One film warns that people are “possessed with sex!” You may not know what the hell the narrator is talking about, but you’ll laugh anyhow. You can also find bona fide classics like Basket Case, Blood Feast, Bloody Pit of Horror, and The Wizard of Gore. And how can you pass up the full-frontal nudity in The Amazing Transplant? How about a giant set of killer boobies in Deadly Weapons? Don’t miss the rabid, killer “snuffle-upicas” with zero maneuverability in The God Monster of Yucca Flats. The funny part of these coming attractions is that they show all of the good parts of the films, thereby saving you mind-numbing hours of actually watching them all, so now you can do something useful with your life.

Watching this, I was reminded just how sick some of these oldies are. For example, in The Gore Gore Girls, a psychotic slashes some girl’s neck and then bends her over the kitchen table. Her panties are removed and her naked buttocks are repeatedly mashed into bloody lasagna with a meat tenderizer while the camera leers. You just don’t see that anymore… Another plus is that half of these films are so rare that while you may’ve heard of them before, you’ve probably never seen even a clip of them. We’re talking about the likes of Bad Girls Go to Hell, The Curious Dr. Humpp, Wham-Bam-Thank You Spaceman, and Dracula the Dirty Old Man. The list goes on and on. This quality DVD can be summed up with the tag line from Monster-A-Go-Go: “When you walk out, you’ll wonder what you’ve seen!” Without a doubt… check this out.