Sicbay – Overreaction Time – Review


Overreaction Time (54º40′ or Fight!)
by Craig Regala

OK, if “emo” is often the fallout from maturing hardcore gimps, this stuff is the same for the far superior math/post-core/metal language bands like Dazzling Killman, Engine Kid, Slint, Craw, Kepone, The Jesus Lizard, etc. dealt in and whose operational width can be found in units like Totimoshi. This makes sense as Dazzling Killman’s front guy, Nick Sakes, carries a guitar with Sicbay. He’s coupled with other flexible players who can pretty much handle anything time, dynamic, and tempo-wise that rises out of their collective muse.

Sicbay move around and embrace a heritage of quality forebearers, many of whom were signed to Homestead when Gerald Cosloy (Matador) ran it. Sicbay’s a band you can throw on for your cranky uncle who hasn’t really taken anything to heart since the Minutemen ended. All he did after that sad day was spin his Beefheart and Mission of Burma recs and sigh. Sigh no more, drunk uncle Pete, we got a disc for you. Lest you think this is just for oldsters, Overreaction Time has the energy, bite, and focus to hone the decades of experience the players carry.
(PO Box 1601 Acme, MI 49610)