Komeda – Kokomemedada – Review


Kokomemedada (Minty Fresh)
by Evan Solochek

Komeda indulges in clean and pretty electro-pop that just screams of their Scandinavian heritage. Think The Postal Service fronted by a puppy. Lena Karlsson’s light and soothing voice seems to float effortlessly over the smooth synth, simplistic beats and sporadic chugging guitar. While not overtly dance-y, the tracks on Kokomemedada are light-hearted and bouncy enough that I cannot shake images of love-stricken teenagers, hand-in-hand, spinning carelessly in a meadow. While not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t usually gravitate toward such bubbly music. As a whole, Kokomemedada provides a soundtrack to an adolescent love of fairy-tale proportions.

Honestly, I do like this album and I don’t know why I’m being so cynical and bitter. Komeda reminds me that everything doesn’t have to be so serious and dark: That dancing in a meadow, when accompanied by genuine and thoughtful music, can be a great alternative to sitting in a dark and smoky club, listening to gloomy and angst-ridden indie rock that takes itself way too seriously.