Impellitteri – Pedal to the Metal – Review


Pedal to the Metal (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

When you can shred like Chris Impelliteri, even if you dumb down, you still smoke. I have all the early Impelliteri albums. I still listen to the one Graham Bonnet sang on, and the show-off cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” still floors me. 5ths, 7ths, octaves, 5ths of sevenths, the octave of that, half-time, double time, every variation was explored, outdone, and my jaw hurt from hitting the floor so many times. But “trying to stay cool” by nodding to Korn, who’ve long left the building, is lame. Best moments are “Bark at the Moon” style guitar rock and how effortlessly he can duel himself Swedish style. The song “Punk” makes fun of punk sellout (late) and rap metal (late). Don’t even try to be hip, just solo yer dick off, and those interested will take note. Americans like Shadows Fall, Canadians like Devin Townsend, and Scandinavians like Children of Bodom still shred smartly, so there’s no need to dumb down. Lead, don’t follow.